Lollipop Wrappers

You will quickly find that Quality Bags Inc. is your complete supplier for all of your lollipop wrappers. Are you tired of your lollipop film resealing itself to the other lollipops. We have solved this production problem for many confection companies. The way to eliminate this costful problem is to use QBI`s 1 side heat sealable polypropylene which will stop any sucker wrappers from resealing to other suckers in the bin from hot productions. For many years we have heard of all the complaints about sucker wrappers sticking to each other during production. So we now have a 1 side heat sealable polypropylene that will run better than any sucker film in the market today.

One side heat sealable polypropylene is the only way to to keep your suckers from sticking togeather during production.

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Lollipop Wrappers

lollipop wrappers

Sucker Wrappers

sucker wrappers


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