Twist Wrap Packaging

You have many options when choosing a twist wrap film to wrap your products. Your packaging machinery as well as your product will play an important part in your choice. All of the twist wrap machines used before 1990 were using cellophane to twist wrap their product. The cost of cellophane forced manufactures to seek a better pricing structure for the their product. Cast polypropylene was the next twist wrap film to hit the market. The problem was that the old twist wrap packaging machines could only run cellophane because the cast polypropylene film was too soft and made it very hard to cut. You also had to give the cast polypropylene more twist to keep the film from un-twisting which would mean a slower production rate than cellophane film.

The newer twist machines can run all types of film like cellophane, cast polypropylene, and twist polyester plus other types like metallized films. So you see how important your choice will be depending on the 3 most important factors.

  1. what your wrapping
  2. the type of machine used
  3. what film you will be using to twist wrap

Twist Wrap Film

Just about all caramels are wrapped in cellophane using a twist application due to the release properties of cellophane film. Caramels will stick to the wrapper if not wrapped in a coated cellophane film. Photos below are 4 pieces hard candy twist on the left and 3 pieces of carmel twist on the right. All the older twist machines can run a cellophane twist wrap film without any problems. You can always save time and have an experienced company twist wrap your product for you. Quality Bags Inc. can help you find a converter to do the job for you.

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Hard Candy Twist Wrap
twist wrap packaging

Caramel Candy Twist Wrap

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